We are thrilled to launch the Bostin Fittle sharing portal, created as part of a larger youth led project, focusing on the exciting time of the 1940-1960’s and the impact that this period had on the food consumption and diet of Black Country residents.

The work, created through the Bostin Fittle project, is a genuine celebration of the history of food and community in the Black Country. This wonderful collection of engaging audio and visual content has been made possible through the combined efforts of 50 students aged 11-16 from Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy and Ormiston New Academy, their teachers and principals, our fantastic visiting experts, partners and the enrichment team at Ormiston Academies Trust.

The project “Bostin Fittle” launched in January 2019 and over 6 months participants worked together to develop their journalistic, historical and research knowledge and skills; ranging from interviewing and editing to researching and publication, delivered via the lens of the changing societal landscape during the 1940-1960’s and its impact on food and diet.  

The project enabled the students to work with and learn from professionals at the Black Country Living Museum, Julia Letts (oral historian) and David Gray (illustrator. The students have researched, created and produced a range of materials, including the collection and collation of recipes and oral histories from Black Country residents to sourcing and sharing historical artefacts and images; most of which are hosted on this site.

The final and fabulous result is a historically reflective recipe book and the content that you see here. We are extremely proud of all our students who have shown tremendous interest, dedication and creativity and we hope they feel equally proud of themselves and their achievements.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and Ormiston Trust and our partnership with Black Country Living Museum, particularly the support of the Mel Weatherley, head of learning.

Much of the success of this project is due to Sarah Harding, Bostin Fittle project manage,  whose focus and determination ensured that the project stayed on track and has resulted in these beautiful and engaging creations.   

Which leaves us with nothing left to say but “Yow am bostin, ta-ra a bit.”