I was born in 1943. After the war it wasn’t very good. You ate what you were given to eat. Most of it was taytas, cabbage, scraggy meat and anything you could cop hold off really. Never saw an egg and never saw any fruit. Common meals after the war were potatoes, bit of cabbage, root vegetables, any meat you could cop hold off which wasn’t a lot. You never left anything or you went hungry. Or your mother would give it you the next day. It made you healthier, everybody ate healthy food, not junk food. You had a chicken at Christmas if you were lucky. We’d go out Christmas eve and wring its neck. The sixties brought a bit of Chinese, a bit of Indian. The forties and fifties, fish and chip shops were your treat. They were common and cheap, in those days. When takeaways first appeared in the Black Country they were crap.