Bone Broth

Location:Cradley Heath

“My Nan’s house used to smell of 4711 – an eau de cologne that people used to use. That, and whatever was cooking for tea, and camp coffee – a wartime coffee substitute made out of chicory. My Nan’s cooking has influenced my cooking – I like to make the most of everything and not waste anything. I like wholesome broths – which I’m sure is from my Grandmother. Just simple honest food really. Things like shin of beef – a beautiful pale broth with beef, potato and carrots.”
Joan Tromans


  • Bones from a roast dinner meat
  • Leeks
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Salt & Pepper (chilli flakes optional)

Start with the leftover meat from something else – a lamb bone, or a roast chicken carcass.

Boil them for a long time – in excess of an hour by which time you can strain it and remove some of the fat from the liquid using a special jar.

Pick through the bone and pick off any good meat (giving the cat the rest).

You’ve then got a stock with good bits of meat in it.

Then add things like leeks and carrots.

Season to taste.

Add potatoes and cook them in the stock and they go all silky and lovely.

Boil again, then enjoy.

If you have leftovers from this meal you could then add lentils to make it a bit more like a mulligatawny soup – waste not, want not!