Location: Wolverhampton

“When I was a child, I learnt my Indian traditions and

culture from my Grandma, she didn’t speak English, so
we had to speak to her in Punjabi. When I was with my
parents and at school, I was more western. As I’ve become
older it’s harder to distinguish between the two as you
become your own person – I pick and choose the bits that
I want. I like to cook a roast on a Sunday – I love Yorkshire
puddings and gravy. If I go to Temple, we will eat more
spicy, Asian food, with chapati. A chapati is made from
flour, a bit like a wrap. You mix the flour with water to
make a dough, then you roll the dough and use a rolling
pin to roll it out into a big circle, then you put it on to a
tava (a large flat pan) and you pop it on the hob and it
rises. You have it with your curries, a bit like a nan bread
but thinner.”
Parveen Mal


  • Chapati flour or wholemeal plain flour
  • Salt
  • Cold water


Add water to the flour a little at a time, kneading as you go, until you have a soft, elastic dough.

Split the dough into eight and roll into balls.

Flatten the balls slightly then roll out into large circle shapes using a rolling pin and a floured surface.

Cook your chapati on a heated pan for about 20-30 seconds, until the surface is bubbling.

Turn it over, and cook the other side for 10-15 seconds.

Remove and repeat with the other dough balls.