Cheese and Onion Cobs

Location: Cradley Heath
1990 onwards

“If I wanted to show someone a taste of the Black Country, I’d take them to the Old Swan pub in Netherton, known locally as Ma Padoes as it used to be run by a lady called Mrs Padoe. It’s now run by an amazing chap called Tim Newey. There are things on the menu that are intrinsically Black Country – like your faggots and your mash and peas, your cheese and onion cobs (with onion on the side), on a Sunday he does hot pork sandwiches, and they do a ploughman’s which has pork pie and slabs of cheddar. They boil their own ham and slice it thick. And they make their own skin on chips that are filthy good.”
Sarah Harding


  • Thick slices of cheddar
  • Thick slices of white onion
  • Butter
  • A large, crusty white cob

Slice your cob.

Add butter.

Add a generous amount of cheese.

Layer on your onion.

At the top of the cob.

For a true Black Country pub experience, wrap in cling film and serve with a pint of mild.