We lived in a 1930s semi detached house to start with, and in 1963 moved to an ex-council end terrace. Most of the time we lived in the back room – the front room was kept for best. My dad provided most of the food for the house – he’d grow his own vegetables, had two allotments and two greenhouses and chickens at the bottom of the garden. We had homecooked meals with meat and a couple of vegetables – whatever was available at the right price. For special occasions we would have chicken or salmon. The salmon was tinned and served with salad, usually reserved for Sunday tea. Sunday dinner was an occasion. We lived predominantly in the veranda, which was the kitchen and was over an open drain with a gas cooker – it wouldn’t be allowed by today’s standards. The table wasn’t big enough for us all to sit around so we’d do it in shifts, next to the coal fire. It was quite cold in the winter.