Nan’s Carrots

Location: Oldbury
Era: 2010

“Christmas was really packed in our house with presents, family and friends. The table was always filled with different kinds of foods. My favourite thing was the carrots – my Nan’s special recipe. She’d cook the carrots with the turkey or the chicken and they would be full of flavour and a little bit charred.”



  • Carrots
  • The meat you are roasting (as above)

Get yourself some good carrots, homegrown preferably.

Peel the carrots and slice how you like.

Pop the carrots around the meat while it is roasting in the oven.

Allow the carrots to soak up all of the meat fat and juices.
Don’t worry if the carrots caramelise a bit, this just adds to the flavour.

You might need to be the official taste tester – in which case steal one of the carrots before everyone else gets one.
Serve alongside your other roast dinner items – as above.