Orange Flan

Location: Black Country

“Food was a lot healthier back then. Greggs weren’t around, or Maccy D’s. Back then you had what was put in front of you and you had to eat it. If you didn’t eat it, you went hungry. Job done.  A treat – have a biscuit – if you were lucky.  My two favourite meals were Shepherd’s Pie and Toad in the Hole – either one of them would do me, and if you had them both together, that was even better. There wasn’t really toads in it. It was sausages – I found this out at a later date. I did try eating a toad, but they don’t taste as nice as a sausage! Me Mum did the cooking. She used to do a flan on a Sunday with a sponge base, orange jelly and cream on the top.”


  • 3 eggs
  • 75g caster sugar
  • 75g self-raising flour
  • Grated zest of half an orange
  • 135g pack of orange jelly
  • Double cream


Make the jelly the night before. Place jelly cubes in a jug, add boiling water up to 200ml mark and stir until dissolve. Then make it up to the 375ml mark with cold water.

Line a small dinner plate with cling film and pour in the jelly. The circumference of the jelly needs to be about 1 cm smaller than that of the sponge. Place the jelly in the fridge to set.

Next day make the sponge. Whisk the eggs and sugar together until they have tripled in size and are stiff. Fold in the flour.

Line a 9-inch round baking tin, pour in the mixture and bake for about 15 mins at 170 degrees C.

Cool the sponge on a wire rack.

Assemble the ‘flan’. Place the sponge on top of the jelly. Put a serving plate on top of the sponge. Flip the whole lot, so the serving plate is now on the bottom and the jelly plate is on the top. Carefully remove the jelly plate and cling film.

Whip the cream and spread it over the top.