Pineapple & Cheese

Location: Wolverhampton
1940 onwards

In the sixties I would have been at Wolverhampton High School. For a lot of that time I’d cycle to school with my satchel and hat. I didn’t live close to any of my school friends but on the rare occasion that I did go around to their house it was always fascinating as they had a television and we didn’t at that time. The first thing I can remember watching is the Queens Coronation. My aunt brought a television especially for the occasion and we will have had things like pineapple and cheese and trifle. My father used to love watching westerns and I have a fond memory of him saying ‘oh, you can smell the cactus!”
Vivien Small


  • Good Strong cheddar
  • Tinned pineapple chunks
  • Cocktail sticks
  • One large potato
  • Tinned foil

Cut your cheddar into cubes.

Put one piece of cheddar and one piece of pineapple on the end of each cocktail stick.

Slice off one side of the potato and cover the whole thing in tin foil. You can now stick the cocktail sticks into this to serve. It will look a bit like a hedgehog. You could even give it olives for eyes. Very fancy.

Don’t waste the juice from the can of pineapple – save for another recipe or give to the children as a drink.