Pizza, Campfire Style

Location: Old Hill
Era: Current

My favourite food is pizza, I just like the flavour. I just like plain margherita. Black Country food is black pudding. I don’t know what it’s made of. (I told him it was made of blood). I didn’t like it anyway. If I was going to make a feast for my friend, I would make pasta and pizza. I’d make the dough and knead it. Then spread it out on a piece of metal to put it in the oven. Then add tomato sauce and cheese and cook it in the oven. I love cheese. We make campfire pizza too when we go camping.”
Aneurin Beard



  • See Pizza Friday for ingredients
  • A campfire
  • You’ll need to take a ready-made tomato sauce with you.

Method Make your dough as in the recipe opposite. Roll into palm sized pizza bases. Top with tomato sauce, cheese and sometimes ham and pineapple. Pop into a red-hot skillet on top of the campfire and cover the skillet with a lid or another pan. The pizza will be ready in about 25 seconds, when the dough starts to bubble up and the cheese is just melting. Don’t use raw toppings like prawns as the top of the pizza doesn’t get hot enough to cook these through properly. Food poisoning is something you really want to avoid when you only have a composting toilet on site!