Salmon (or cheap ham) Sandwiches

Location: Old Hill
Era: 1980 onwards

“Black Country food is working food — food that is passed down. It’s your black pudding and your groaty dick. It is comforting and unassuming. Something that says ‘home’ when you sit at the table. Like white bread, cheap ham or tinned salmon sandwiches. There is a lot of love that goes into these home-based dishes. Things that tell you you are back home and that you are looked after.”
Catherine Beard


  • Soft sliced white bread
  • Best salted butter
  • Tinned salmon
  • Vinegar
  • Cucumber


Open the tin of salmon and drain out any liquid. Empty the salmon meat into a bowl.

Pick through the salmon to remove any skin and bones, then gently mash. Add vinegar and pepper to taste.

Butter the slices of white bread.

Spoon the salmon on to the bread, spread out so that it reaches the edges.

Skin and de-seed the cucumber then thinly slice. Place slices on top of the salmon.

Put the top slice of bread on.

Cut off the crusts of the sandwich and slice into small, bite-sized sandwiches.