Salted Beans

Location: Wolverhampton
Era: 1940 onwards

“I remember my Mum salting down runner beans. My Father would grow runner beans in the garden and we’d then pick them and use a Kilner jar with layers of beans and salt (from a brick of salt). This would preserve your beans for the winter. When you wanted to eat them, you’d need to soak off the salt – which seems so bizarre now as we are so health conscious about not having too much salt! Once you had washed them, you’d boil them to death.”
Vivien Small


  • Runner beans from the garden
  • Salt block


Wash and dry your runner beans then slice into 2cm long pieces.

Layer up the runner beans in a Kilner jar with salt scraped from a block (or normal salt nowadays).

Make sure that there is salt in-between each of the layers of beans.

Seal the jar and store it somewhere cool and dark until you need to use it – a pantry would be perfect.