Over 6 months Bostin Fittle participants have worked together to develop their journalistic, historical and research knowledge and skills; ranging from interviewing and editing to researching and publication, delivered via the lens of the changing societal landscape during the 1940-1960’s and its impact on food and diet. Working with the Black Country Living Museum, Julia Letts (oral history producer) and David Gray (designer/illustrator) students have researched, created and produced a range of audio and visual materials.

These include the collection and collation of recipes and oral histories from local residents to sourcing and sharing historical artefacts and images; many of which have been showcased within these pages.

The final and fabulous result is this book. I am extremely proud of all our students, who have shown tremendous interest, dedication and creativity and I hope they feel equally proud of themselves and their achievements.

You can download a PDF of the book here (49 MB).